Most frequent questions and answers


Paybitcoin.in.th is an informational page to inform people worldwide about the payment options in Bitcoin/Crypto in Thailand. You can use our platform as a guide, where you can pay in Bitcoin or to get contact details to contact directly with us or our partners.

At the moment it is not possible to pay directly over our platform. But all partners of our platform have the Wanda-POS-Device to accept Crypto payments when you are in Thailand.

As we are working together with many industries and a licensed partner, we have to respect the legal procedures. The KYC checks depend on the paid amount and the industry. In Nightlife (Disco, Agogo, Clubs, Bars..) no KYC for payments up to 500,000Baht is required. If you want to exchange even small amounts at a currency exchange, KYC is required for every exchange. Finally you can say, if you pay in cash and have to show your passport, you will also need to show your passport, when you pay in Bitcoin and vice versa.

Most nationalities can use our service. As we are working under the current regulations of Thai Government, we can not accept payments from FATF Blacklist countries such as North Korea and Iran.

Yes – Bitcoin is legal since 2017 and our Partner Bitazza Co., Ltd. is registered and certified by SEC, BoT and several other financial ministries. Please keep in mind that the whole financial process is done by Bitazza itself. We are just the bridge between foreign investors and Bitazza. (Exchange BTC/THB as well as withdraw THB/Bank are done by Bitazza). Wanda Exchange neither holds your Crypto nor your FIAT. With our POS device, we are working as the service provider.

Real Estate / Cars / Luxury goods

Please note that Thailand does not allow foreigners to own land. But, as a foreigner you are allowed to own a Condominium in Thailand in your name. If you wish so, a Foreign Exchange Transaction Form is needed to change it to your name – we can issue this forms (TT3) and assist your to change the condo to your name. If you wish to buy a house, you can open a company and let the company owning the house (you own the company). We can assist you at any case.

Yes, we can help you by contracting this agent with our POS Device. After this, the agent can accept Bitcoin and gets paid in THB. If the agent should not want to accepting Bitcoin, we will help you to find other solutions to pay this property directly in Bitcoin.

Please contact us directly if you have troubles to find the right product for you. We are connected with all our agents and can also offer products not mentioned on our platform.

Several of our development partners offer returns of 6-8% p.a. for their projects. You can buy a new room in this building and the developer will rent it out to other people. After a few years (returns are usually paid 4x per year in THB) you will get the room newly renovated back with received interests of up to 80%! Please note, that you can stay max. 15 days per year in the room by yourself, while it’s bringing returns.


The confirmation-time of your payment is depending on several facts:

  • What currency-type you paid?
  • What blockchain-transaction costs were paid?
  • How busy is the blockchain?

Usually a payment-confirmation should be done within a few minutes. At currency Exchanges for example you will get a sales ticket and receive a SMS when the FIAT-Money is ready to pick up

This question is not possible to answer for us, as higher sums are traded OTC worldwide without real reference price. But the prices might be max. 0-3% higher as on Bitazza Exchange. Please also note, that the shown prices on Exchanges are usually presenting the lowest market order, which can be 0,00001 BTC only. If you want to exchange 5 Bitcoin, you will need to fulfill the order by buying higher and higher positions to finally fulfill it with 5 Bitcoins. Out of this reason we do OTC trades for higher sums (0,2 BTC), which can finally result in a better price as directly over a single exchange by market sell.

Yes. We, as well as our merchants do also allow THB-Payments. (local currency)

The prices on our homepage are updated twice per day and are for reference only. The final price is only possible to get directly from the merchants. On the POS Device, they can calculate the current rates and print you a binding sales ticket, which is valid for 15min.

No. We do not offer to sell Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency. Please also note, that our partners do not have Bitcoin by themselves. Our POS solution is converting the sent crypto-amount directly into their bank account in THB.

Concierge Service / VIP Service

For concierge service we kindly ask you to send us an email with your needs, that we can make a suitable offer for your needs.

Yes, our VIP customers enjoy the best service in the land of smiles. Feel free to contact us for more information and how we can help you to come to Thailand and start a new life here or settle your investments with great returns.

Online Webinars

As there is always a Q&A section after the webinars, we can show the live versions only to our agents to have enough time for them and their questions. But the videos will be online later and visible for everyone.